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There are significant changes underway in the UK energy sector, and organisations must adapt and transform in order to survive and capitalise on the opportunities these changes present.

Low commodity prices are causing disruption within the mining, oil, gas and chemical sectors as companies look to consolidate and find new ways to reduce costs. In order to tackle this challenge innovative solutions are emerging - from new forms of financing; to implementation of technologies such cloud and robotics; to the use of analytics; to help drive greater efficiency and competitive advantage globally.

Technology is also having a significant impact on the power and utilities sector. As the UK looks to decarbonised its energy supply, the rise of distributed energy, energy storage and smart metering to capture real-time usage data, are presenting opportunities for new entrants from other sectors, such as telecoms, automotive, retail and media. With the market share of the existing providers shrinking, many are re-evaluating their relationship with the customer, to ensure their long-term survival.

Our goal at KPMG Nunwood is helping clients understand the impact of these issues on their business and identify the opportunities to rebase their relationship with the customer.

From experience design to journey mapping from strategy creation to voice of the customer we are helping energy organisations fundamentally rethink how they build enduring customer relationships.

Stephen Harwood

Director - Customer Experience

Stephen has over 30 years of experience in market research on both client and agency side.  He joined KPMG Nunwood in August 2012 and is responsible for a portfolio of accounts including the MRS/Aura award winning British Airways account.  He is an expert in monitoring and understanding the customer experience to place the customer at the centre of our client businesses to drive improved business performance. Prior to joining KPMG Nunwood Stephen spent over 7 years as a Client Services Director at an international Research company where he was sector lead for Travel and Hospitality. Stephen is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

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