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Despite socio-demographic challenges placing increasing long-term demands on services, public sector organisations are constantly being asked to ‘do more with less’. This has been the mantra from Treasury for several years, with many successfully making significant savings and improving service delivery.

Success requires public organisations to put the citizen at the centre of their strategies and reimagine the public sector from their perspective.

Understanding the customer and delivering services in a way that matches their life journeys is a way to both reduce costs and improve the quality of the experience.

Digital represents an opportunity to radically reduce costs and put the citizen in charge. However it requires more than just digitising existing approaches it requires integration and cohesion around an in depth knowledge of the citizen.

Public bodies are large and complex. Internal customers need the same care and approaches as external customers.

We help public organisations apply the concept of customer both internally and externally to think through how they organise and how they should plan, execute and monitor the experiences that they create daily.

We do this against a backdrop of knowledge as to what great looks like in both the private and public sectors across the world.

Michael Crow

Director - CX Solutions

Michael is a customer experience solutions expert and has been involved in the design and implementation of dozens of customer experience programmes across retail, financial services, telco, consumer electronics, utilities and travel. He specialises in utilising NPS and other measurement frameworks to demonstrate commercial value and prioritise customer-related investments. These solutions, linked to global best practice via the Customer Experience Excellence Centre, provide the catalyst for deployment of customer experience mapping, redesign and transformation programmes.

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