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Consumer Goods

In the ever-evolving consumer sector, traditional business models and customer segments have become less relevant. Technology has blurred the lines, creating markets that are open for business anytime, anywhere – and any way the customer prefers to shop.

Competition for market share remains fierce. There is continued interest in high growth or emerging markets, mergers and renewed focus on product innovation and portfolio mix.

But at the heart of competition in the consumer goods sector is the battle to stay relevant. To continue to be important in the customer’s life and to ensure that the customer value equation is being effectively managed.

Many companies define the customer experience from the inside out. When they try to improve the experience, they look through the lens of the individual functions that deliver the experience — marketing, customer service, operations etc..

The consumer goods leaders in our excellence studies leaders take a different approach. They examine the experience from the customer’s perspective, and they use that perspective to make improvements and manage the experience.

Bringing the outside in is what KPMG Nunwood do very effectively in this sector. Whether delivering voice of the customer programmes or looking at loyalty economics our approach is to find ways of overcoming habitual behaviour.

In our client organisations, we enable them to take timely in-moment as well as strategic action at critical moments in key consumer product journeys. Where we can fully address the value opportunity of good inter-connectedness between product and service, we unlock value for consumers. We help our clients understand the economics of doing this and subsequently where to focus their efforts.

Success story

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The consumer industry isn't facing disruption. It's already disrupted. A company's success in achieving customer-centricity or loyalty is no longer a differentiator, but a determinant of survival. How would you build your company today, and how will you get there from here? This report will help you identify some areas of opportunity within your business.

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