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The global automotive market is feeling the effects of profound change.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to produce energy efficient vehicles that will meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumers. Manufacturing techniques are changing rapidly, as modernisation reduces the cost and time of assembly. Flexible automated plants are using machine-learning analytics to grow and improve quality.

Emerging digital sales platforms and connected cars are also presenting exciting new revenue opportunities and attracting new market entrants from the technology world.

But where does all of this leave the consumer? Overwhelmed, misinformed or just confused?

Buying a car is typically the second largest purchase made by a consumer, second only to a new home. They spend an enormous amount of time online, researching and assessing the market for a vehicle that meets their unique combination of needs.

We help our clients to use data to better understand the needs, desires, and journeys of their customers. We enable our clients to understand the fundamental experiences of customers when living with their vehicle, servicing it and considering their next purchase. We understand that the next purchase decision is influenced by those experiences, the brand reputation, as well as all aspects of the search and showroom experience when selecting a new vehicle.

The customer experience and journey stages are key to influencing those choices to generate customer value. This requires an understanding of the psychological and emotional journeys alongside the physical one resulting in a genuine understanding of the customer’s needs, wants and desires at each stage.

We gather real-time insights based on customer data, systematically develop data and analytics capabilities to improve the customer experience and can deliver a more complete or unified view of the customer in order to increase levels and quality of engagement.

Tim Knight

Managing Director

Tim leads the KPMG Nunwood business, with a background in customer experience, strategy and analytics built up in Europe, North America and APAC over the last 16 years. Key areas of consulting and professional expertise are the retail, travel, banking and high-tech sectors.

Tim is responsible for strategy, proposition and – importantly – supporting key clients. As part of this, Tim’s focus is ensuring clients benefit from customer experience programmes clearly linked to economic benefit, action and successful change. Often this entails linking KPMG Nunwood’s expertise in CX best practice, measurement, experience design and technology to the wider transformational capabilities in KPMG’s global network.

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