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Tailored to multiple user needs

“I put insights in the driving seat of business change.”

How Customer Experience Cloud helps:

  Puts insights in the driving seat of business change

  Single source for all survey and non-survey data

  Easily run customer analysis and build reports

  See all actions that insights are driving business-wide

“I drive growth through digital transformation.”

How Customer Experience Cloud helps:

  Helps leadership focus on complete customer journeys

  Ability to benchmark against global CX leaders

  Focuses my front line colleagues on what matters most

  Provides a ‘CFO-credible’ view on lifetime value

“I lead thousands of customer-facing colleagues across channels.”

How Customer Experience Cloud helps:

  Decision support focuses every manager on what matters most

  Identification of CX issues in real time

  CX best practices help set appropriate targets across the enterprise

  ROI and CLV analytics enable self-funding businesses cases for expenditure

“My team creates an excellent experience for hundreds of customers every day.”                       

How Customer Experience Cloud helps: 

  Engages team members with ‘closed-loop’ customer feedback

  Supports a team culture of ‘customer first’

  Provides helpful suggestions on where to focus/improve

  Gives us access to best practices and solutions to common problems


Integrates all of your customer experience data into a single view

Modular and scalable to a business of any size

Put insights in the driving seat of business change

Measures and prioritises customer journeys for redesign

Engages colleagues & creates a customer-centric culture

Guides every team to the right business decisions

Proves the ROI of your customer experience

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