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Meet your New Customer. Competing in the new reality.


A new and changed customer is emerging.

As we face into a new economy, we will all be competing for a New Customer. One who has less to spend, is increasingly digital and displays unfamiliar patterns of demand. The New Customer has specific physical needs, driven by social distancing.

These dynamic market shifts are evident in our 11th edition of the Customer Experience Excellence report, which profiled over 250 organisations to present the top 100 brands that have done remarkable things to reinvent, transform and innovate to provide leading customer experience during unprecedented times.

The report takes a deep look at emerging trends and new best practices, exploring what are immediate and permanent shifts and what is required to create a truly Customer-Centric Enterprise.

Through the lens of best practice and against the backdrop of an emerging reality, it looks at three important themes:

  1. The New Customer. How have customers changed?  Not just superficially and behaviourally, but how have the values and beliefs that shape long-term needs and demand shifted?
  2. The Six Pillar Experience. How must what businesses offer customers evolve? For the last 20 years, offers have been synonymous with experience. The Six Pillars have been repeatedly established as the universal qualities needed to deliver excellence, create loyalty and drive growth. They are more relevant than ever, providing businesses with an essential way to navigate the coming change.
  3. The Connected Enterprise. How should CEOs adapt or transform their enterprises to compete for this New Customer? To thrive (or even survive) in this new reality, it is already clear that enterprises will need to be more connected, digital and customer-centric than ever before. When you couple the New Customer with the changed workforce, this ultimately touches every function, not just the front-office.

Download your copy of the full report for our complete insights.

Be sure to also register your place on our Customer Experience Excellence webinar, 28 July at 12:00 (BST), to hear directly from Tim Knight, Dave Conway, the Nunwood team and guests, who will be talking about the report’s findings and what this will mean for PLCs going forwards.

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