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Power to the People 2019 UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis

The evolving customer landscape

The world of customer experience management continues to be in a state of flux. As consumer expectations rise, organisations are continually looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their peers – a task that can no longer be achieved with competitive price points.

In the latest Customer Experience Excellence Analysis, we’re seeing remarkable stories of brands that are not only becoming better acquainted with customers, but are delighting and surprising with zealous innovation. The ability to walk in-step with people’s lifestyles, needs and desires has real currency in the unpredictable world of 2019.

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The increasing link between Customer Experience and Employee Experience

We’re also seeing a renewed focus on the employee experience.

Companies that lead in CX typically have 1.5 times as many engaged employees as CX laggards.

An increasing number of brands are becoming aware of the great potential locked within their colleagues, and are investing in their training and well-being for the betterment of the consumer – and ultimately the business. Our analysis, demonstrates how organisations can improve their position, using employee and customer experience strategies to drive growth. The report contains practical examples of how leading brands are optimising their management systems, culture and journeys to unlock superior performance.

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