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Ignite growth: Connecting insight to action - 2018 UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis


Customer insight is a vital strategic business asset but few companies are able to harness it effectively.

Commentators may vary in their estimates, but there is general agreement that the majority of market research spend is wasted. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, only 11% of customer impacting decisions are backed with data insights. A fact which suggests that the majority of decisions are based on guesswork or, at best, intuition.

For some organisations this intuition is driven by real closeness to the customer, but for the majority it is based on what people think the customer wants and, in today’s rapidly changing consumer world, that is a dangerous place to be. What do customers need, want and value? How can they be served better? How can insight be harnessed to achieve a superior competitive position? These are some of the questions we hear companies grappling with.

In our 2018 UK Customer Experience Excellence analysis, we reveal:

  • 1 The leading customer brands of 2018, and how they are using insight to drive growth.
  • 2 How to manage the insight ecosystem – a best practice set of structures, people and processes that translate empirical evidence into economic success.
  • 3 The future of insight.
  • 4 Tomorrow’s customer journey, powered by customer insight.

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