KPMG Nunwood

UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2017

Skipton Building Society

2017 UK Financial Services

Skipton Building Society is the biggest mover in this year’s top 10, climbing 26 places to number seven.   

The brand’s commitment to its customers is reflected in one of its recent TV adverts, in which it describes itself as the building society which is “for your life ahead.” And whilst this slogan indicates the level of concern it has for its customers, the building society also uses the advert to address the significant life events that its members may encounter.  This is something which is addressed in KPMG Nunwood's 2017 UK report, where it is pointed out that most industries have evolved an understanding of the relevance of life events, but few have taken advantage of them in order to architect strong customer experiences. Those that do, tend to perform better in the CEE rankings, and Skipton is arguably one such organisation.

Indeed, the advert depicts busy families and individuals going about their daily lives, caught up in the hectic occurrences that keep them rooted ‘to the moment.’ But the narrator asks the viewer to pause their life and think about the future. “Forget about your to-do list - that can wait,” the voice-over says. “Just concentrate on one thing. Think about when you’d like to retire. What would you like to do? Exotic holidays? Family days?... That’s what this moment is for. A chance for you to think about the important things… At Skipton, we take the time to talk about it. Whether it’s planning the retirement you want, sorting out your pension… We’re with you for the long term.”[1]

Respondents from the 2017 analysis score Skipton Building Society highly in the pillar of Personalisation in particular, scoring 8.33, whilst its result in the pillar of Integrity is 8.17. Moreover, the building society has received a number of awards. In 2017, The Sunday Times named it as one of the top 100 companies to work for in the United Kingdom, and the company also received the 2017 What Mortgage award for being the best building society for mortgages.[2]



Company Profile

Since 1853 we’ve been dedicated to helping people save for the future and achieve their dreams of owning their own homes. We’ve come a long way, and we’re now one of the UK’s largest building societies. We’ve grown and changed but we’ve always stayed true to our roots. Being there for our customers to help them have a better life is still – and always will be – at the heart of what we do. What matters to you matters to us. We listen so we can understand what makes you tick. At Skipton you’re always a name, never a number.











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