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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2017


2017 UK Non-Grocery Retail

The televisual retailer QVC is ranked as the number one UK customer experience brand in 2017. An acronym for Quality, Value and Convenience, QVC strives to deliver a retail experience that is personalised. 

Arguably one of the reasons why QVC leads in the CEE rankings is because of its ability to communicate with shoppers on a very human level. This is demonstrated by its performance in the pillar of Personalisation, where the brand scores nine per cent higher than the industry average. Presenters and personalities act as brand advocates, taking shoppers through a journey of discovery as they present items in a down-to-earth, humanised manner, reminiscent of a best friend describing their new handbag over a cup of coffee. This method is demonstrably more engaging than a picture of a product on a website, or an item sitting on a shelf.

This personalised ethos can also be seen in QVC’s use of social media. Indeed, it's a key part of its marketing strategy - QVC seems to understand its customers' lifestyles and is good at explaining how its products fit with their particular purchasing occasions. QVC employees are quick to respond to social media enquiries, and help customers resolve their issues, further cementing the perception that the brand is a close friend that is always there to help and advise. Employees are given autonomy and are able to blog about their careers with QVC, sharing behind-the-scenes information and inviting customers into their lives so that they feel part of a community.

QVC has featured in the UK customer experience rankings for a number of years. In 2017, it has risen 18 places to reach number one, showing its commitment to the customer.

Company Profile

In 1993, QVC UK became our first foray into global expansion. And just four years later, it welcomed its 1 millionth customer. Today, the UK loyalty has not waivered, and our community has only strengthened. In addition to the broadcasting and administrative operations located in Chiswick, London, QVC has an additional operations, distribution and call center facility located in Knowsley (approximately 200 miles from London).











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