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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2017


2017 UK Grocery Retail

The world of grocery retail is arguably more competitive now than ever. Consumers are living in the age of the home delivery service - something which is offered by the majority of the key players in the supermarket industry. For the online retailer Ocado, it hasn't neglected the necessity to innovate, and its impressive five-place rise in the UK CEE analysis brings it firmly into the UK top 10.

KPMG Nunwood's 2017 report identifies that the leading CX organisations typically observe how customers are trying to accomplish their goals from end to end, and then identify the barriers and obstacles that get in their way. For Ocado, this has led to an increased focus on technology, and smartphone users in particular have benefited from the company's technological experimentation. It has even created its own separate business, known as Ocado Technology, for the very purposes of pushing the technological envelope.  

One such innovation is the brand's smartphone application, which allows shoppers to scan, shop, create a 'favourites' list, and carry out many other time-saving activities. One of the more recent features can be seen in its optimisation for smartwatch users, meaning that customers can simply say the word "bread" to begin searching for that item. There is also the Instant Shop feature, which enables customers to complete an order in 15 seconds using a predicted list, which is based on a person's previous orders and delivery times.[1]

Moreover, the way in which customers' items are packed and delivered is also in a state of flux. Groceries are picked in a heavily-automated warehouse, and Ocado is currently developing a bespoke robot that will be gentle enough to select fruit without bruising it - an initiative that could, one day, replace human pickers.[2] In addition, the company is currently trialling its own driverless delivery vans. Known as Ocado Cargopods, these vehicles resemble small milk floats and have a top speed of 25 miles per hour. They are electric, and can operate for 18 miles on a single battery charge, carrying a maximum of eight crates; it has been designed to fulfil smaller orders, particularly in semi-pedestrianised zones with narrower streets.[3]

As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that Ocado's highest result is in the pillar of Time and Effort, where it scores 8.27. So much of the retailer's work is geared towards saving time for the shopper through technological innovation, and it's a focus that appears to have paid off. As one customer affirmed: "I had a home delivery for our groceries. The website was easy to use and the whole process was very simple. The delivery driver was super helpful and very friendly."




Company Profile

Ocado was established in the UK over 16 years ago and listed on the London Stock Exchange in July 2010. We are the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer with over 580,000 active customers shopping with us today. Our objective is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience in terms of service, range and price, which builds a strong business and delivers long term value for our shareholders. We have developed a unique end-to-end operating solution for online grocery retail based on proprietary technology and IP, suitable for operating our own business and those of our commercial partners. 











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