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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2017

John Lewis

2017 UK Non-Grocery Retail

In fourth place is the retailer John Lewis, a brand that has remained in the UK top 10 for a number of years. It's a company that has a long history in the world of British retail, having begun life as a single drapery store in London in 1864. Its "never knowingly undersold" slogan reflects the company's promise to never consciously charge higher prices than its competitors.

The rankings are calculated based on a brand’s performance across The Six Pillars. The pillars in which John Lewis scored the highest are Integrity, Empathy and Expectations compared to the retail sector average.

As one respondent in the 2017 research explained: "The last time I went to the Edinburgh store there was major work going on. John Lewis went out of their way to have extra staff on-hand in the store, and also out on the street to guide customers." Another individual commented: "When I was looking for a new bed, I got some really good help and advice and explanations without the staff trying to sell me something whatever the cost." 

This CEE ranking comes at a time of change for John Lewis. It welcomed a new managing director - Paula Nickolds - in March 2017, and is carrying out a number of restructuring initiatives in order to adapt to the recent shifts in the consumer landscape. "Every role will have to be really clear about the value it adds to the customer," Nickolds explained. "Where we can automate processes by removing administrative or routine work to better serve customers we will do so."[1]

Other such changes include the launch of a new home maintenance service, comprising plumbers, electricians, decorators and gardeners, which has recently launched. This will mean that customers can select a maintenance job that needs doing, and then pick a time in which they'd like the work to be carried out. The individual is then matched with a tradesperson via the service's website, app or call centre, and the work is then guaranteed for a year.[2]

Paula Nickolds is also reportedly sending some John Lewis employees to theatre school, in order to learn entertainment skills.[3] This suggests that, like many other brands in the UK CEE, John Lewis is a company that is looking to the future, regularly experimenting with new ways to meet the needs of its shoppers.




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