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UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2017

first direct

2017 UK Financial Services

The bank first direct claims the third position in this year's CEE, maintaining a top 10 ranking that has lasted for a number of years. It is a bank that does not operate from physical branches - it is entirely internet and telephone-based.

In its latest advertising campaign, first direct uses the slogan, "You're a long way from ordinary. But we're miles from normal," along with footage of an astronaut. "Wherever you touch down next, we'll see you there," it adds.[1] This sentiment is representative of a brand that is forward-focused, and is prepared to structure itself around its customers' needs and key life events, such as moving into a new home, or dealing with the arrival of a new baby.

Its new smartphone applications are good examples of this. They have been developed from customer feedback and have been specifically designed to work on iOS and Android devices. Customers can move money and pay bills with a click and a swipe, and store all of their card details using a digital wallet.[2] 3D touch has also been enabled, which measures the sensitivity with which phone users touch their screens, and reacts accordingly. In addition, customers can choose to log into their accounts using thumbprint recognition, negating the need to remember passwords.

The brand wants to let customers know that it is a modern, digital bank, and many of its technological innovations are geared around making life easier and more straightforward for the individual. Indeed, first direct scores particularly highly in the pillar of Time and Effort, where it achieves a result of 8.42. As one respondent in the 2017 analysis stated: "Just joined this bank a couple of days ago. Paperwork came through in less than a week and on the two occasions I have rung in, it took less than a minute to connect and was answered by an actual person rather than an automated machine. Very impressed.


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Company Profile

The bank that does things differently. The bank that never closes. The bank with real people answering the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're the bank that changed what being a bank means - we're not over there, on the high street, we're right here, on your mobile or laptop. We're first direct. We love what we do. We love coming to work every day - even Christmas Days and New Year's Days. Even Mondays - oh yes... And it's all for you.











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