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Customer first. Customer obsessed. Global Customer Experience Excellence Analysis 2019


Organisations around the world are embarked on radical customer experience programmes not just to get a lead on competition, but for their very survival. However in every country only a few are getting real traction and seeing any results. One senior executive described getting traction with a customer experience programme as being like the story of Sisyphus’s rock. Legend has it that Sisyphus was condemned to spend eternity rolling a large boulder uphill only for it to fall backwards whenever he neared the summit.

Exploring the real pressure points for consumers today and what leading CX exemplars are doing to lead the way in this, our 2019 Global Customer Experience Excellence Analysis – “Customer first. Customer obsessed.” incorporates our research findings from 2,075 brands across 20 markets.

In looking at CX across the globe, we will examine the power of purpose and how it is driving product, service and experience design, how anticipative personalisation is being advanced by leading companies and how business models are being changed to accommodate a new competitive reality.

The report reveals

  • 1 A deep understanding of the mind of the customer and their evolving needs
  • 2 First mover knowledge and experience of new technologies and approaches
  • 3 Mastery of The Six Pillars of customer experience
  • 4 Connectedness internally and across their ecosystem of partners externally

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